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About Us

In the 17th and 18th centuries, pubs were just as important for social as for practical reasons. People met in pubs to share stories, news, ideas, and company over their pints. Today’s craft brewing industry is increasingly local, providing a chance to renew the community gathering role that pubs played in our past.
To that end, we are using local talent in every aspect of our business, from spent grain to art to tap handles to logo and t-shirt design; we will also make every effort to promote other local breweries and businesses.

We will focus on producing small batches of technically-great, full-flavored ales that infuse pleasurable twists into classic styles… and sometimes blow style guidelines out of the water. It is also our intention to serve 4-5 categories of beer (I/IPA, Hoppy, Belgian, Malty, and Seasonal taps) but to continually rotate the specific beers served in each category so that we provide a new drinking pleasure on almost every visit.

Brewing excellent, flavorful beers in small batches so there's always something new on tap, we aim to please local beer enthusiasts and serve our community. Don't forget to grab some cans of select beers to go as well.

At Pleasure House Brewing, we thrive on the idea of staying connected to the people who drink our beer!